4 Signs You Need A New Roof

4 Signs You Need A New Roof

If you’re a homeowner in Michigan, you know how important it is to keep your roof in good condition. At Big Rapids Roofing, we are a Northern Michigan roofing company here to help you identify when it might be time to replace your roof. If you’re starting to see signs that your roof needs to be replaced, don’t wait! Here are four signs that it’s time for a new roof.


Your Roof Is Over 12 Years Old

Quality roofing is made to last a long time. If your roof is over 12 years old, it may be time to call our trusted contractors to inspect and replace it. We value honesty and integrity, and when we work on your home, we will treat it as if it were our own! An old roof can be dangerous, cause installation problems, and lead to other costly damages if left to age further.


Curling or Missing Shingles

Many things can cause your roof shingles to curl or go missing. Bad ventilation, poor quality materials, improper installation, and, especially in Big Rapids, MI, cold temperatures. If you notice curling shingles, it's important to contact our experts soon to prevent further damage. When you use our roofing services, we promise to provide a high-quality roofing replacement with a warranty of 50 years, so that you won’t have to worry about curling and missing shingles again!


Visible Water Damage and Leaks

Is there a leak dripping from your ceiling? It could be coming from water damage on your roof. Water damage to a roof can also cause rotting, mold, and more hazards.. Our Northern Michigan roofing team has seen water-damaged roofs caused by the harsh weather of the area and we are experienced in replacing these with quality materials and installation to prevent future leaks.


Discoloration and Loss of Structural Integrity

Discoloration of your roofing shingles can be caused by several factors. Sunlight exposure, algae growth caused by humidity, and more will bring down the value and curb appeal of your home. The structural integrity of your roof is even more important than curb appeal — it is a matter of safety. If you are noticing sinking or buckling in your roof, please contact Big Rapids Roofing, where we are focused on finding a solution to all of your roofing needs.

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